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Jubilant IT holds a proficient grip over credit realm, system integration, management, and software development, which helps us to scale the best potentials within an organisation. we guarantee to improve their position to match the most competitive and best performing institutions by assisting our clients jump through all their business hurdles relating to the current industrial challenges and excess overabundances.

We provide two types of processes :

  1. Outbound process
  2. Inbound process

We know that being the best in the business requires a lot of hard work and excellence. To do just that we provide you with a dedicated customer support team, a team that empowers over the nitty gritty details, which are always the matters in hand. The setbacks relating to the smooth working of a business is to keep in mind that customer satisfaction is a very intricate process. We make sure that achieving your organisations set targets also enhances your aspects of then reaching a peak “where no one is better in your line of trade than you”. Our voice process team outsmarts other service providers by only deploying the best employees available for this customer interaction role. Your organisational clients can directly reach our team of experts via telephonic calls and other communication methods that are readily available to them, to share their problematic issues. Our recruits are trained to adhere, comprehend and then troubleshoot the issues promptly to provide your customers the most suitable solutions. Jubilant IT services private limited has the most effective, simple, logical and economical solution for our client.

The mantra to our success is “To acquire each and every excruciating detail from the customer right from the start”. We hire the best recovery specialists on the knowledge they possess, hire them for a fixed tenure securing their services, thus certifying them with a professional tag, which imbibes them the sense of responsibility to resolve and show genuine concern for client’s worry.

We lay our special attention on the following:

  • We attend and process all calls as instantly as we receive them.
  • Calls taken help in generation of payments a week quicker as compared to an written notice.
  • Receiving of calls generate a higher lead percentage for payments made.
  • It reduces operating costs to a great extent, proving to be very economical.

Furthermore, employing JISPL's call center will give your business the ability to connect itself virtually to all big financial platforms and with our support you will never be disappointed or lose a customer ever again.

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  • "We are an upcoming managing, consulting, technologically driven outsourcing company in the market that aims to offer the best services to its customers, who are ready to avail them".

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