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Information nowadays plays a key role in corporate decision making process. Likewise, maintaining a committed resource to keep track of all the important points and objectives is virtually impossible. Realising these facts, we have equipped our team with audio and visual aids to record information that is later converted in a readable or audible format, known as transcription. This is one of our key service, we offer this service in many different forms, where we can convert audio and video inputs into text formats. This is done by making use of optimised and customised software’s, so that the transcriptionist virtually develops an exact accurate copy from the audio visual file. Our simultaneous data typing also includes conversion of a spoken language source into a printed or written form.

We provide the following transcription services :

We have trained professionals transcriptionists, who are capable to render our service to companies of all sizes, small, medium and large. This service covers various industry verticals such as medical science, legal, marine engineering, arts, technology and many more industries. We closely administer our work with all institutions and organisations to ensure utmost professionalism. We always deliver the best results, provide a world class quality service and support, that has a very fast turnaround time, and give decent plan rates to ascertain 100% customer satisfaction. Outsourcing a transcription service overseas is high in demand, as companies are steadily realising the advantage of this process.

Resons that may compel you to book us for your needs :

  • We help in reducing expenses and overheads, thereby companies enjoy increased profits and significant savings,
  • Our Transcription involves manpower with specialised skills and we are proficient at what we do,
  • JISPL's dedicated team helps client companies avoid wasting resources and time,
  • Customers can continue focusing on their core activities and expand their business,
  • We can reduce over burden as no additional resources and manpower are utilised from the clients end,

Along with these features there are others that are readily available for customer care support 24 x 7 x 365 day a year for a quick turnaround.

"Our core objective is to deliver one hundred percent positive results with ninety-nine percent accuracy. We value integrity, dedication, commitment and transparency, thereby contributing our services for the BPO sector ensuring continuous progress."

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  • "We are an upcoming managing, consulting, technologically driven outsourcing company in the market that aims to offer the best services to its customers, who are ready to avail them".

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