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Remote Technical Support :

When you are working on something important and your computer software or hardware runs into an issue, delaying your project and failing to meet your deadlines can force you to submit incomplete work, this causes major inconvenience and consumes a lot of time, whether the job you are working on is critical or simply a part of a day to day running of your business, being stuck with a broken computer and putting crucial work on hold will ultimately mean unnecessary expenditure and time lost at your end. Thus, you feel the need to get it fixed as soon as possible. To avoid this precise issue we provide our customers remote computer support at their fingertips, which will help them overcome these computer troubles from the comfort of their home or place of work. These issues are attended immediately by our remote assistance team.

Our Support Includes :

We always aim for a quick, precise and timely resolution, we know time is money and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Keeping that in mind the Scope of our services is as follows:

  • General system maintainance for Windows and Mac Pcs
  • Support for Internet Connection and Browsing Related Issues
  • Software issues related to printer, routers or any other peripheral device.

The Benefits of Remote Support :

Remote support has a number of advantages that you and your company can enjoy. Here are some things to consider about using remote computer support services.
  • Cost Efficient : Through remote support, you will save travel time and costs for visiting, scheduling and appointing a local technician. Your company can also cut down overhead costs of hiring fulltime IT staff on their payroll. At JIS we provide numerous tailored payment plans for your specific needs.
  • Expert Support : We have a whole bunch of tech experts on call 24*7, who are readily available to facilitate and troubleshoot your technical issues for you. This means that you receive the finest and the most expert advice for all problematic areas you may encounter for the fraction of the price.
  • Instant Solution : Jubilant also offers the quickest and the easiest solution to your immediate IT needs reducing your stress with almost no downtime. You can have your business or your home computer up, ready and running again absolutely no time at all.

How to Terminate The Session :

You will have complete control during the remote computer assistance support session. We provide a user friendly support session and imply a safety net; if at any given point in time during the session you are uncomfortable with the technician accessing your information, you can choose to terminate the remote support session. To do so click on the close (X) button on the tech support session window. You can also override our technician's access by controlling your Personal Computer's keyboard and mouse, whilst doing this full control is promptly handed back you.

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