Affiliate Marketing

Our enourmous network of affiliate marketers serves as a tool for bloggers, marketers, website owners and super fans, to promote and sprout their domains to generate maximum revenue and footfall.

Technical Support

we provide cost effective, expert, and immidiate technnical support for all your computer hardware and software problems. We Help you get back on track with your work as soon as possible.

Data Processing

We have a proven track record of working with numerous BPO's for their data requirements and we strive ourslefs as being the best in the business. our data processing services include:

  • Data Entry : We specialise in accurate data entry and that is our strength. This we do adeptly to provide the best support services, so we stand out in the crowd.
  • Data Cleanup : We help improve the data integrity of your business by creating a sustainable business advantage.
  • Data Conversion : We are a leading company in the BPO sector, offering cost effective and high quality data conversion.


Our Transcription service comprises of simultaneous data typing on hearing the audio transcripts. This service includes conversion of a spoken language source into a printed or written form. We provide two types of trascription services, which are:

Voice Processes :

We hire the best specialists, who have the sense of responsibility and genuine concern for our client’s customer care issues.

  • Inbound Process ::Our employees go through a rigorous voice and culture sensitisation training, which enables us to provide a pleasant conversational experience to your business clients.
  • Outbound Process : :We pride ourselves as the most preferred delivery center and are constantly recommended by our previous clients.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Lead Genration
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

About Us

  • "We are an upcoming managing, consulting, technologically driven outsourcing company in the market that aims to offer the best services to its customers, who are ready to avail them".

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