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Information Segregation

Helps in improving the integrity and enriches a business’s competitive advantage by reducing redundancies and repetitive irregularities. It is also the most cost-effective way of ascertaining if your existing records are accurate. It is a process of cleaning; reducing all incorrect, incomplete and duplicated data, this helps in improving the standard of the database. This is a very vital process for both large and small companies; rendering them with up to date information.

We offer many Data Cleanup services efficiently, which are well managed by our professional team, who strive to give you proper accuracy in conjunction with the security of your data. Your database is handled with utmost care and sensitivity making sure it does not get scrutinised in the process. The experts working with us are also efficient in various other forms of information processing including but not limited to mail address validation, data validation services, data de-duplication, data formatting, email address validation, data collection services and web search to update particulars.

”We are very persistent at providing well-timed services and our prices are always competitive as compared to the rest of the industry. We do this by always employing a team of seasoned workers who "never miss a beat”.

Accurate data is the lifeline of a business; in addition it helps in attaining proper info for marketing, sales and customer management strategies. That is precisely why we choose to differ from our competition by delivering an unique array of benefits which are as follows :

  • Generating quality data by eliminating mailing wastage,
  • Improving your brand image by removing redundancies,
  • Boosting compliance according to the data protection Act,
  • Enhancing response rates by scrubbing repeated information,
  • Exacting match rates and affixing additional intelligence to your existing records.

JISPL uses various techniques of data processing techniques to update and clean our client's data files, so that the integrity and the quality of individual records are maintained. Some of the data cleanup processes are mentioned below :

  • Occupier Updates,
  • Email and data appending,
  • Deduplication and Merge Purge,
  • Residency Validation and Verification,
  • PAF Cleansing, Cleaning, and Address Validation,
  • Data Enrichment and Data Enhancement.

Jubilant IT Services Pvt. Ltd. utilises an automatic batch conversion method to remove inaccurate, incomplete, and out-of date information from the database mailing files. This provides a full bureau services for documentation cleanup, profiling and enhancement requirements. To know more about how we can help you to enrich your records, please Contact us

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  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

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